2016 | birch, steel, printed photographs | 16″ x 8″ x 1/2″

As a recent transplant to the city of New York I frequently find myself walking aimlessly, searching for visual inspiration. It is not uncommon to accidentally stumble upon a bit of history while strolling, but it is the hidden history that truly strikes me as interesting. Pre-war buildings, covered with fresh paint and graffiti are found on every corner, and hidden underneath those fresh coats of paint are the traces of the building’s past. My untitled wooden panel is inspired by the buildings of New York and their hidden histories. The remains of old advertisements and street art bring to mind the old phrase “If these walls could talk…”, and provide insight into not only the buildings’ histories, but also the histories of the neighborhoods and the city itself. The city’s skyline offers a distant look at New York, while the overlaid images of street art and graffiti allow for a more magnified view. It is important to pay attention to history, not only to learn from mistakes, but also to gain inspiration and understanding of how our current world came to be what it is. Nicholas Whitfield November 2016

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