Untitled Park

2016, photos on vellum paper, metal, wood, plastic, glue, 5″x5″x6″

I decided to create my own representation of an architectural palimpsest. A space “reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.” I took a broader sense of the word and applied it to a place that I see having many layers of memories and now, restriction. When walking past a park, I began to reminisce the memories I have of childhood and the restriction I feel from fun. I used three photos of a primary colored park scene, each photo cropped closer and closer, printed on transparent plastic, and placed in layers in a transparent box. The photos are taken from behind a fence, showing a sense of being locked out of this place of memory and emotion. The transparent box allows the viewer to feel this sense of being locked out as well, because they can’t reach inside. This causes many to feel a sense of resistance and invites reflection. The drips of glue give a sense that childhood and emotion are messy. There are many places in New York that are true palimpsests of overlapping writing, but this expression of overlapping photos creates a similar visual intensity, and rather eludes to the idea of a palimpsest through the location being a trigger for deep emotion, reflection, and memory.

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