2016 photography, computer graphics 18″x24″

I decided to take to the streets and photograph anything and everything I considered to be a palimpsest. I took pictures of stickers on walls, graffiti on mailboxes, and chipping paint. I was not sure what my direction was with this project while I was taking the pictures, so when it came time to do something with them, I was at a loss. The first thing I thought of doing was layering the pictures the same way the subjects of the pictures were layered. I edited the pictures and then put them into Adobe Illustrator. After editing the opacity and placement in relation to each other, I brought them into photoshop to do even more photo manipulation. In Photoshop, I isolated certain parts of the pictures to layer them on top of the layered pictures and give it an even more hectic feel. Once I stepped back from the collage of pictures, I realized I had added too much. This began a long process of reduction and addition of photos into my project, along with a lot of peer review. Ultimately, I was satisfied with my final project, which was still a complex collage of photos, but it felt organized to me. Since the opacity is low on all of the pictures included in my piece, the viewer is able to see through to the last photo through all of the photos on top. The concept behind my photo collage is this whole idea of layering. Palimpsest is the layering of things while still being able to see what is or what underneath, thus I wanted my piece to have that same feel.

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