Recyclable Humanity

2016, Sculpture from Recycled Paper, 1’x3′

The overall dedication of this piece is to the pollution and ultimate destruction of our planet on the account of us, humans, living on it. The impact our actions have had and continue to have on this planet are truly devastating. The most alarming thing to the population that inhabits Earth is that it not only that our carelessness destroys the ecosystems but will inevitably seize our existence as well. Through this sculpture, I wish to display an eye-opening proactive standpoint at the direct effect the devastation of the environment has on Humanity as I believe this will, unfortunately, be the only thing that awakens the people of Earth. The piece displays the suicide humanity is committing by not taking matters seriously on a large enough scale to reverse the effects of climate change and destruction. The bodies head is covered by a garbage bag to show the veil of blindness that too much of the public still currently holds to the effects we have on our planet. The reason for the sculpture of trash underneath the hanging body is to represent all the infrastructure we’ve constructed on unstable and reckless terms of how we use Earth’s resources that will inevitably fall out and quite literally, ‘leave us hanging’. The trash pile also goes hand in hand with the common tipping of a stool during hanging suicide attempts. The last aspect of the piece is the recycle symbol on the bodies chest; this is used to keep the idea that humanity itself os quite recyclable as well similar to the many species that previously followed our existence. Humans will not push forward through our most taxing world issue until we as a collective realize, and take action with togetherness and strength to change the infrastructure of unsustainable large corporations whose end goal is to maximize profits at all cost. Until we can do this and more importantly IF we can do this then our fate will not end up like my sculpture presented before you. Thank You.

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