Pieces of New York

2016, Collage with Acrylic,

Palimpsests – “Pieces of New York” “Pieces of New York” is made of various layers of torn stickers; stickers, flyers and posters that I found in different walls, trashcans, posts and throughout the corners of Manhattan. This piece resembles a collection of memories that I have collected from my time living here; each coating representing a different part of the city and what I have experienced there. All of the billboards that I have ripped off are pieces that have caught my attention as I walked pass them, ones that I consider art. I wanted to create a personal, final piece made out of small art pieces from anonymous artists. The bottom layers are made of stickers from the furthest neighborhoods. The middle layers are composed of pieces that I came across in Greenwich village and Parsons area (places where most of my time is spent at). The top layer is composed of posters that were made by other Parsons students that are hanged in the hallway of Kerrey Hall building, where I live. Finally, the outermost layer are paint stains. I intentionally splashed paint on top of the collage to make it personal and to include something of my own.

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