Palimpsests of Palimpsests

2016, Mixed Media, 10 X 8

This piece consists of two fire hydrants which have essentially been transformed into palimpsests through graffiti, writings, and stickers. Although both fire hydrants have been altered, one can still see their initial meaning and form. For my piece, I decide to photograph two fire hydrants, both located in SOHO, New York. Both Fire Hydrants are filled with objects that altered their original plain color. After photographing these hydrants, I printed two copies of each hydrant (one in color and one in black and white). They where then individually cropped from their background and then pasted to a white background. The purpose of this was to make the hydrants the main focus of the piece. The color version hydrant was left alone and the black and white hydrant was embellished with feathers, paint, book pages, and writing done in markers. The purpose of the piece was to juxtapose an image of an actual palimpsest next to my own interpretation of an alteration to that palimpsest. This shows that even though an object can be altered as many times, it does not change its purpose but instead adds history and originality to the object.

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