Palimpsest No. Infinity

Palimpsest No. Infinity, 2016
Glass, paper hole punches, photographs, recycled plastic shreds, acrylic paint, spray glue, light strand

In my multiple perspective palimpsests piece, I chose to combined minor key and major key elements to create a balance of joyousness and inviting reflections. The piece titled Palimpsests No. Infinity is meant to symbolize all of the palimpsests that cover the city with their hard or delicate elements to create an often unrecognized symphony that interest those who choose to observe. Palimpsests No. Infinity is made from glass, metallic print photographs, spray glue, shaved plastic, paper hole punches, acrylic paint and string lights. The lights represent the restlessness of a city that never sleeps. The light struggles to seep through the layers of the palimpsests which symbolizes the inner struggle of those who view the piece, each time walking by adding an emotional layer that will never be seen but will be felt by the viewer. Palimpsests No. Infinity is thoughtful and richly inspired by the palimpsests around New York that spark wonder for the viewer. Personally, the wonder is about what the original material is made of and who decided it would become acceptable to layer over that material, whether it be a graffiti artist, a contractor or the elements of mother nature. What draws your attention, is it the top layer of the palimpsest, the base for the existing layers, or the multiple layers combined to create a repository of memories; what do you wonder?

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