Lost and Confusion

2016 Charcoal, gesso, and pencil on collage 11 x 17 inches (Tabloid size)

These past few months in New York City away from home have been overwhelming for me to say the least. I had to juggle the frustration on trying to figure out the subway system here, budgeting to make sure i have the basic necessities i needed to live here as well as get art materials to complete assignments, while trying to ignore the freedom of junk food due to the fact that nobody is here to watch over me by eating healthier and to limit myself from online shopping. The palimpsest in my work is evidently demonstrated through the layers of papers that represents all these feelings and experience i have had in New York that acts as the background of my piece. My decision to do this was influenced mainly by one of the pictures i took when i was assigned to stroll around this specific location to find inspiration for this assignment. It was a picture of a wall with many different posters stuck to it. There were old posters that left marks of its existence that it was once there and also newer posters that replaced and on top of those marks. In addition to that, i wanted to incorporate something else that will emphasize the idea of palimpsest in my artwork. For me, graffitis are forms of palimpsests. Someone might start with one idea but someone will add something to it and sometimes overlap on top of an already existing work. For this reason i wanted to create my version of a graffiti using charcoal to create a person expressing the feeling of frustration. I used charcoal mainly because i was going for the messy look and also because it would go well with the different colored papers i used for the background. I also used gesso at the end to create the overall feeling that i wanted the piece to have. I felt that the different papers and charcoal drawing were not completely interacting and unified. Not only did it put all the different elements of the piece together, it also to me represented the act of tearing layers of posters down and replacing them with new ones.

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