Layers of New York

2016 Transparent paper, plastic holder, oil based pens 8.27 x 5.83 inches

I decided to depict layers of New York, using architecture from three time periods. The first and the bottom one is 19th-century architecture. It is made using black color, representing a stable structure and a solid base. It is a starting point for skyscrapers in the future. The second and middle layer represent architecture from the 20th-century. Buildings are drawn using gold color, which represents the golden time for architecture with innovations which are iconic now, like Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. The color also echoes the beige color of the buildings made at that period. The third and the top layer represents the 21st-century and is completed with silver color. It is most contained from tall skyscrapers. Silver color echoes the materials like mirror glass, steel, and concrete which are used in modern constructions. I created the artwork transparent because the layers interfere with each other, like in real life. Those are not three different layers, they are not supposed to be isolated, they should stay together, and create a portrait of New York City.

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