Layers of a Place

2016, mixed medium, 11x14in

Layers of a Place a photo opportunity a landmark a stage a place to sell art a place to show art a source for income a source for food home a political platform a social space a place to take a break a place to walk my dog don’t go there after dark don’t walk through alone where I eat lunch an open space a safe space a space to organize a space to occupy …………… A park has many different meanings to the people who experience it. It holds on to the memories and moments lived there, while opening up opportunities for change. It is a place shared by the masses of people that experience the environment everyday, some as their home and others just for a second. In “Layers of a Place”,photogrpahy, printmaking, and drawing are combined to visually depict the ever-changing scene of Tompkins Square. This specific site, located in the Lower East Side, is rich with history and has changed dramatically from where it once was to now. As the physical and social dynamics of the park shift, traces of the past remain anchored.

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