I Remember NYC

Digital Photographs on Inkjet paper, Leica M9 12×18 each

I have a fascination with strangers, people watching and things generally overlooked by most people during everyday life. Every person on this earth is living a life that is equally as vivid and complex as my own and I want to show that through my photographs. With every photograph I take I want to tell a vivid story to the viewer. Though most of the time I like to keep my photos very ambiguous, with I Remember NYC I wanted to provide more context to each photo. Alone, the photographs convey their own narrative articulated by composition, light, and the subject. With the addition of the captions, the photographs work to articulate not only their own narrative, but also the experience of taking the photograph allowing for a greater sense of empathy between the viewer and my work. Photography is what keeps me sane and with this piece I want to convey the emotion that is attached to these images but is not generally conveyed by the photographs alone.

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