God’s Eye View?

Year: 2016 Medium: Coding (Processing) Dimensions: Variable

We have evolved and harnessed some of the physical laws of the universe, to create technology. The non-material & non-superfluous, is ever getting lost, in this race of satiating the senses. While we go further in terms of our technological prowess, the scales are being balanced at the cost of something else. If there was a supreme being who can see all of creation, what would it be watching? What can it see it if space & time are at it’s fingertips? Will it see us as dots running around with a cluster of information around it in terms of cell phone signals, radio waves, wifi signals? Will it see what drives our actions through our actions? Where do our actions originate, within our own innately human parts or is it the result of a giant interplay between humanity, technology & the rest of the elements involved? The digital art piece allows the viewer to take the place of this supreme being’s point of view, adjusted, of course, to human capabilities. The viewer sees a visualization of the number of humans in the world and the information being exchanged among the & the emerging patterns in all their order & chaos.

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  1. cavaa919@newschool.edu

    I thoroughly enjoy the conceit of these pieces. The organized chaos of it and how it creates almost an anxious almost tangible feeling of human frenzy.

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