2016 Digitized charcoal drawing layered with text and digital photography
Dimensions TBD

The basis for this piece is women; what it means to be a woman, and especially what it means to be a woman in New York. I believe that being a woman in different cities varies greatly, it’s almost a given since every town or city has their own culture, their own values, their own sets of morals and ethics. However, it may be posed that this sort of difference affects women most heavily, where it becomes a thought that actively inhabits our mind and hesitates our movement, because so many of the restrictions and rules were made to apply to women. The palimpsest that I have created consists of some imagery and text that I had created before diving into the “city that never sleeps”, as wells as signs and text from the streets of New York. The layering effect that synthesizes with the concept of a palimpsest physically demonstrates the synthesizing concepts in my mind in the discovery of place and role of my gender in this new city. As each new layer is placed upon the previous, a new realisation is found about the embodiment of women in a given location. Within this palimpsest concept, there is imagery that can be obviously traced back to my thematic goal as well as some that are more broad, and more vague, to encompass that it is not only nuances that are deemed explicitly feminine or relating to feminism that can influence the creation of a woman’s identity in relation to their gender. This piece that I have created is both an expression of personal growth in an expansive form and an expression of the cycle of information that instigates growth for women as a community. The layers are formed from my growing sense of embodiment and connection to self, while the content of each layer exhibit the intake and output of information in a community that allows it to evolve.

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