2016, Oil On Canvas, 130×195 cm

Artist Statement // Gal Cohen My main mediums are painting, drawing and installation as my art is figurative and self reflective. My art is acting on the delicate balance and the integration between formal matters of painting, and the external issues that my painting serves such as socio-political statements and criticism. Within the dynamics of these formal and conceptual aspects, my socio-political criticism and statements function as sort of an after-taste to the formal, sensual experience that the painting installations provide the viewer with. In terms of conceptual aspects, my artistic production explores potential interactions between facts and fiction as my main ambition is to generate new narrations concerning collective memory, social inherited conventions, history, identity, gender, and otherness in contemporary societies. In other words, my work is a concrete attempt to critique dominant modes of normality. The imagery and content I deal with include socio-political criticism, representation of gender identities and roles, awkwardness and ironic scenes, heteronormativity, generational perceptions and gaps. In terms of formal issues, my work contends to challenge painting conventions and break down hierarchies between different painting methods in terms of the painting as an object, gravity and physicality of paintings, matters of site specificity and installation, the way paintings interact with each other and charge each other with meaning under a certain context, the process of painting as the final piece and more.

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