Billboard City

2016, Magazine Scraps, Nailpolish, Sharpie, Cardboard; dimensions variable

As I walked around my designated address, I was very satisfied to see a lot of fashion ads around me blown up into insane scales. I took out my phone to capture these huge images and was shocked to noticed that everyone was on their phones. I realize it is New York City but with all the insane work around us I was surprised to see not one other person doing what I was doing. It reminded me that sometimes people don’t take those small stops to smell the roses and see the true art the lies all around them. It was also interesting to see the metamorphosis of the building and the older images and graffiti behind the newer coated images. As a photographer I love working in photoshop and manipulating layers on top of each other to achieve a specific look. Using all sorts of layers I mainly like to mesh them all together for a final outcome. What I truly loved about the space I saw was that you could see bits and pieces of each individual billboard. If you looked closely you could see the remaining shots from past billboards and begin to get an idea of what was advertised there before the current photo. I took what I saw into consideration and decided to create a billboard with layers that have been taken down or ripped off. I also wanted to incorporate the people on their phones below the advertisements so I decided to attach a wide spread shot of all types of people on the go but focused on their cellular devices. While including graffiti, paint, and torn ads, I believe my scale sized palimpsest could easily on a New York City skyline or on a side of a building today.

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