2016 Film prints, timber, wrapping paper, ink on bristol 297 x 420 cm

Palimpsest to me isn’t just the traces of writings, or the torn posters on the side of buildings. Palimpsest is a concept of layering time, it is the happenings; moments which we know wouldn’t exist the next second. Ten photographs displayed were taken when I explored the city at night. When the streets quiet down, and lone shadows drift through the wind. I was there. All happenings are merely actions layered on actions on a canvas called time, and at some point, they all vanish. A bridge, a vehicle, a furniture, a party, a shadow, me. “Here I would come to remember not so much the beauty of the past as the beauty of remembering,” written by André Aciman in Shadow Cities (Letters of Transit). Thus I capture moments to capture time, to remember the happenings as they are happening. In so, the act of remembering is what layers on top of each other. In such a pace city memories deteriorate; our minds are always occupied by one or more tasks, and we forget time. But this neglecting of time is different; it is to be self-conscious. How often do we wander on the streets middle of the night and let our minds be? I marked down the times of the photographs because I lost count during the moment; because I was in the moment. Thinking of nothing yet aware of how surrounded I was. Surrounded by all happenings, vanished happenings, and those yet to happen. because self-consciousness is what makes us human. I am a four year tourist, arrived in August 2016, only months have I been here yet this city feels like home. The irony of avoiding a city life is when you’ve lived in one for your entire life and still chose New York. Thus I come to terms with myself, recognize the need to find comfort halfway across the world from home, to be self-aware, and to feel alive. New York City the never-sleeping-city is most beautiful when the streets are empty, because it is then you see the marks left by the happenings; without distractions, to really feel the city’s livelihood beyond the overwhelmingness to the senses. This is New York in a Minor Key, but it’s not the city which creates the melody, it is those who reside within. Portfolio: http://tiffany703.wixsite.com/frogoutsidethewell Instagram: xceandust_