Permanent Change

2016 Mixed Media

Create. Destroy. Create. Destroy. This is the process of renewal. Those who create, destroy, and those who destroy, create. This is necessary for change, and we need change or we’ll grow stagnant, wither, and decay. In order to change, we must build upon what once was. We can place our mark on what that may be, better things for the whole of society or for ourselves. Change need not be on a large scale always instead it can be a small scale for it can still have a large impact. Scale is relative. Change is painless, change hurts, it depends on the circumstance. But the wounds will heal, it takes time. You can make yourself whole again. You can mend yourself. Damage needs to be done to change, some form of it. If you remain you are destroyed. You should not remain. You cannot remain. For those who remain become destroyed, and change overtakes and creates again.