a memorial for the future

a memorial for the future video (which is the main piece):2016, film, 1920 x 1080.

My project, titled A Memorial For the Future , is a memorial based video that serves the purpose of honoring the people who have participated in the worldwide protests the day of Trump’s presidential election. The outcome of our president-elect sparked outrage amongst millions of people, resulting in the partaking of the protests. I wanted to highlight and memorialize the unity of the people who stood for what was right, just like the people who took part in the Occupy Wall Street protests and the Ferguson protests. Although this is not your conventional memorial, I want people to understand that our generation is incredibly quick to react to controversial events. We will be remembered for our unity against racism, sexism, hate, and bigotry — everything that Donald Trump and his supporters promote. Getting this video to the final piece took an incredible amount of time. At first, I didn’t have any idea about what to do. My initial idea was far off from actually making a video and taking pictures. Instead, I was going to make a memorial honoring the artist, Keith Haring. Realizing that I am not well versed in making things with my hand other than taking pictures in them, I decided to not even go through with it at all. I just waited for something to pop up in my head. The night of the presidential election came along. After waiting a painstakingly long night to see who would become the 45th president of the United States, Trump had won. I realized that this was a huge turning point for the future of our country, and millions of people would be outraged that he had won the presidency. The day after, protest after protests had taken place. I decided to wake up, and take the risk to go film them myself. I had no help in doing so, and I would rather it be that way. After nearly getting arrested, I came home and thought, “How could I possibly turn this into a memorial that could be notable?” I did not this to be a conventional memorial. I wanted to challenge that idea of what it means to remember something. Something visual and auditory, not tangible. So, I instead came up with the idea of creating a memorial for the future — something that our sons and daughters will remember us by. The idea remained central — capture the human body in unison with others. I chose the song “The Drop” by The Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic), as part of my video because it represented the influx of emotions that soon encompassed my body when I kept coming to the realization that Donald Trump has become our 45th president. Surely, no one expected this, and neither did I. Bobby has an incredibly knack for producing extremely unsettling drone music, and this song a bit of a deviation from his usual works of music. “The Drop”, while eerie at times, has an underlying sense of hope that instills a gratifying , which is what I wanted to convey. We are all devastated by this unexpected outcome of the presidential election. This video was created with the intent of instilling hope in people in the present, but also in the future. We are the reason why change exists, and I want the future generation to see this as an ode to them. I think of it as something that is kept in a I hope that they will continue the political revolution that was started only so long ago.


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